Egyptian ancient art and Classical antiquities are a reflection of our collective past and belong not only in museums and galleries, but also in our homes and offices.

Antiquities enhance our understanding and appreciation of not just the past, but also the present.

For the pleasure and appreciation of owning a work of art that has withstood the test of time.

To learn and enhance our understanding of past cultures.

Ancient art is limited, rare and in short supply.

Like gold, ancient art is considered an investment.

While the modern art market can be volatile, ancient art, due to its scarcity, has traditionally appreciated at a rate of 6-8% annually.

Ancient art can challenge our beliefs and open our minds. It creates an environment of questions rather than answers, making it intriguing.

Ancient art is eternal. Our earliest creative expressions were recorded by hieroglyphs, wall painting and ancient sculptures.

Ancient art is an interesting adventure and inspires great conversations.

As Helen-Louise Seggerman wrote in Town & Country, "it is remarkable the short time it has taken for collecting ancient art to go from a relative backwater to the forefront of collecting."

Medusa attends most European and American art markets, auctions, fairs and exhibitions, and we work closely with fellow museum curators, art dealers, and collectors. Contact us if you need any assistance or would like to discuss how to collect and invest in ancient art.